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  • Active Ingredient: Isotretinoin
  • 40 mg, 30 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg
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What is Zonatian?

The active ingredient of Zonatian brand is isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is a form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself more quickly.

Used for

Zonatian is used to treat diseases such as: Acne, Acute Nonlymphocytic Leukemia, Granuloma Annulare, Melanoma, Metastatic, Pityriasis rubra pilaris, Rosacea.

Side Effect

Possible side effects of Zonatian include: fractures and/or delayed healing; inflamed tissue from infection; fainting; swelling of the eyelids, face, lips, hands, lower legs, or feet; inability to speak; unusual bleeding or bruising; ear pain; constipation.

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What is Zonatian, and how does it work (mechanism of action)?

  • Zonatian is an oral drug used for the treatment and prevention of severe acne. Acne is caused by inflammation of the skin. It primarily affects teenagers, but it also affects adults. Severe acne causes permanent scarring of the skin. The inflammation is caused in part by an increased secretion of sebum (oily substance) from glands in the skin (sebaceous glands). The sebum provokes inflammation, and the inflammation resolves (heals) with the formation of a scar (keratinization). The exact mechanism of action of Zonatian is not known; however, it may reduce acne by reducing the secretion of sebum. If less sebum is secreted it is likely that there will be less inflammation and keratinization.
  • The Food and Drug Administration approved Zonatian in May 1982.

Thuốc Zonatian có thể tương tác với thực phẩm, đồ uống nào?

Thức ăn, rượu và thuốc lá có thể tương tác với vài loại thuốc nhất định. Hãy thảo luận với bác sĩ về việc uống thuốc cùng thức ăn, rượu và thuốc lá. Bạn không nên uống rượu trong thời gian dùng thuốc.

Common side effects

The common side effects of Zonatian capsules happen in more than 1 in 10 people. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if these side effects bother you or don't go away:

  • skin becoming more sensitive to sunlight
  • dry eyes
  • dry throat
  • dry nose and nosebleeds
  • headaches and general aches and pains

8. Cautions with other medicines

Some medicines and Zonatian capsules can interfere with each other, and make it more likely that you'll have side effects.

Tell your doctor if you're taking these medicines before you start treatment with Zonatian capsules:

  • supplements that contain vitamin A
  • tetracycline antibiotics such as doxycycline, oxytetracycline, minocycline, and lymecycline
  • other acne medicines (using both together may make skin irritation worse)

Zonatian is a retino >Label It was most w >10 Zonatian is associated with major risks in pregnancy and so it is only available under the iPLEDGE program in the United States. 12 The first Zonatian containing product was FDA approved on 7 May 1982. 10


Tell your doctor straight away if you become depressed or think about ending your life while taking Zonatian capsules.

Central Nervous System

Zonatian can affect your central nervous system. Some potential side effects include headaches and tiredness.

You may have dry eyes or have trouble seeing in the dark. Some people have ringing in the ears or hearing loss. In some cases, hearing loss can become permanent.

Zonatian can cause increased pressure in your brain, which is a life-threatening condition. Symptoms of increasing brain pressure include:

  • severe headache
  • blurred vision
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • stroke

Some people go through mood changes, such as irritability or sadness.

There’s a potential for serious mental health problems, including depression, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts. Warning signs include emotional outbursts, withdrawal, and seeing or hearing things that aren’t real. Get medical help immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

Any medication can cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms include hives, swelling of the mouth or face, or breathing problems. You should see your doctors if you think you’re having an allergic reaction to your medication.

What are the side effects of Zonatian?

The most common side effects of Zonatian are:

  • Dry skin,
  • Itching,
  • Dry nose,
  • Nosebleeds (epistaxis),
  • Cracks in the corners of the mouth (chilitis),
  • Dry mouth,
  • Inflammation of the whites of the eyes.

Joint aches also are common. Patients may develop an increase in blood cholesterol and triglycerides. Psychiatric problems such as depression, hallucinations and suicidal behavior have been reported.

Other side effects include:

Serious side effects include:

Rarely, Zonatian can cause brain swelling (pseudotumor cerebri or intracranial hypertension), which produces nausea, vomiting, headache, and changes in vision.

Erythema multiforme and severe skin reactions (for example, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis) have been associated with Zonatian use. These events may be serious and result in life-threatening events or death, hospitalization, or disability. Patients should be monitored closely for severe skin reactions, and Zonatian discontinued if necessary.

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Tác dụng của thuốc Zonatian là gì?

Zonatian là thuốc được sử dụng để điều trị mụn trứng cá khi các phương pháp điều trị khác không phù hợp (ví dụ như benzoyl peroxide hoặc clindamycin dùng cho da hoặc tetracycline/minocycline dùng để uống). Zonatian thuộc nhóm thuốc retinoid, hoạt động bằng cách giảm tiết dầu trên mặt (sebum). Bã nhờn có thể gây ra mụn trứng cá. Nếu không được điều trị, mụn trứng cá có thể gây ra sẹo vĩnh viễn.

Which drugs or supplements interact with Zonatian?

  • Zonatian is closely related to vitamin A. Therefore, the use of both vitamin A and Zonatian at the same time may lead to vitamin A side effects.
  • Treatment with tetracycline (Achromycin) and Zonatian should not be given at the same time since the combination has been associated with brain swelling. (See side effects below.)


Acute pancreatitis has been reported in patients with either elevated or normal serum triglyceride levels. In rare instances, fatal hemorrhagic pancreatitis has been reported. Accutane (Zonatian) should be stopped if hypertriglyceridemia cannot be controlled at an acceptable level or if symptoms of pancreatitis occur.

Zonatian and Birth Defects

Today, women and men must agree to follow guidelines in iPLEDGE program before taking Zonatian.

iPLEDGE requires that you and your doctor and pharmacist follow certain detailed steps to ensure your safety and prevent pregnancy while you are being treated with the drug.

Although requirements vary according to your gender and stage of life, iPLEDGE requires that people who are able to reproduce use two forms of birth control while taking Zonatian.

Your doctor will enroll you in the iPLEDGE program. Then, before filling your prescription, your pharmacist will verify your enrollment and make sure you meet the program's requirements.

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