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  • Active Ingredient: Permethrin
  • 30gm
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What is Licerin?

The active ingredient of Licerin brand is permethrin. Chemical Name – The Permethrin used is an approximate 1:3 mixture of the cis and trans isomers of the pyrethroid 3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl)-2,2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylic acid, (3-phenoxyphenyl) methyl ester. Permethrin has a molecular formula of C21H20Cl2O3 and a molecular weight of 391.29. It is a yellow to light orange-brown, low melting solid or viscous liquid. Active Ingredient – Each gram contains Permethrin 50 mg (5%). Inactive Ingredients – Butylated hydroxytoluene, carbomer homopolymer type B, fractionated coconut oil, glycerin, glyceryl monostearate, isopropyl myristate, lanolin alcohols, mineral oil, polyoxyethylene cetyl ethers, purified water, and sodium hydroxide. Formaldehyde 1 mg (0.1%) is added as a preservative.

Used for

Licerin is used to treat diseases such as: Head Lice, Lice, Scabies.

Side Effect

Possible side effects of Licerin include: Burning, itching, numbness, rash, redness, stinging, swelling, or tingling of the scalp; ; ; ; ; .

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Safety of Licerin in Factory-Treated Clothing

When evaluating these products in the pesticide registration process, we follow normal risk assessment procedures to determine safety. Our 2009 revised exposure and risk assessment evaluated multiple exposure scenarios for Licerin factory-treated clothing, including toddlers wearing or mouthing the clothing, and military personnel who wear Licerin-treated uniforms on a daily basis. All exposure scenarios showed that Licerin factory-treated clothing is unlikely to pose any significant immediate or long-term hazard to people wearing the clothing.

The amount of Licerin allowed in clothing is very low, and scientific studies indicate that human exposure resulting from wearing Licerin factory-treated clothing also is low. Available data show that Licerin is poorly absorbed through the skin.

Geriatric Use

Clinical studies of Licerin cream, 5% did not identify sufficient numbers of subjects aged 65 and over to allow a definitive statement regarding whether elderly subjects respond differently from younger subjects. Other reported clinical experience has not identified differences in responses between the elderly and younger patients. This drug is known to be substantially excreted by the kidney. However, since topical Licerin is metabolized in the liver and excreted in the urine as inactive metabolites, there does not appear to be an increased risk of toxic reactions in patients with impaired renal function when used as labeled.

What are some products that contain Licerin?

Products containing Licerin may be liquids, powders, dusts, aerosol solutions, sprays, and treated clothing. Licerin is used in cattle ear tags and flea collars, or in spot-on treatments for dogs. There are currently more than 1400 registered products containing Licerin. Some products are used to treat scabies and head lice on people. These products are drugs and are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Always follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully. For additional treatment advice, contact the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. If you wish to discuss a pesticide problem, please call 1-800-858-7378.

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Physical / Chemical Properties:

  • Technical Licerin ranges from a colorless crystal to a yellow or brown viscous liquid. 1,2 No information on the odor of Licerin was found.
  • Vapor pressure 2 : 2.15 x 10 -8 mmHg
  • Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient (Kow) 1 : 6.1 at 20 °C
  • Henry's constant 2 : 1.4 x 10 -6 atm·m 3 /mol
  • Molecular weight 1 : 391.3 g/mol
  • Solubility (water) 1,2 : 5.5 x 10 -3 mg/L, 6 x 10 -3 mg/L
  • Soil Sorption Coefficient (Koc) 4 : 1.00 x 10 5

How long does Licerin Treated Gear and Clothing Remain Effective?

Both methods of Licerin self-application, spraying and soaking, remain effective for 6 weeks or 6 washes. You can prolong the effectiveness of self-applied Licerin by storing Licerin treated gear or clothes in black plastic bags (since sunlight breaks down Licerin) or by hand washing items because the agitators in washing machines also accelerate its decay.

There’s anecdotal evidence that soaking your clothes with Licerin instead of spraying is effective longer, but there isn’t any publicly available laboratory to support that conjecture. It’s just common sense that soaking will penetrate both the inside and outside of a garment, while spraying it will just cover the outside.

If you want a longer lasting treatment that will last up to 70 washings, you can send your clothing to a company called Insect Shield which has developed a proprietary process for Licerin application that lasts longer than what you can do a home. I have no idea what they do that’s different, which is probably why they keep it a trade secret. Here’s a link to the Insect Shield order form that you use to send clothing you want them to process. The prices are listed on the form.

You can also buy Licerin treated clothing off-the-shelf from many manufacturers.

How to use Licerin cream

  • Before you start the treatment, read the manufacturer's printed information leaflet from ins >

Oral ivermectin.

For the off-label treatment of scabies, ivermectin is given orally as a single dose of 200 µg/kg repeated in 7 to 10 days. High doses can cause embryotoxicity in animals, and some have suggested it should not be used during pregnancy, although ivermectin often has been used in this setting in the treatment of onchocerciasis. Comparisons with Licerin , benzyl benzoate, and lindane have shown mixed results. In scabies-endemic areas, ivermectin has been shown to reduce the incidence of streptococcal disease and renal damage in children. 19

Why would you soak clothes with Licerin instead of spraying them?

Soaking can be more convenient if you have bulky items (tent or hammock) you want to treat or many articles of clothing. Soaking is also likely to provides better coverage than spraying, including the inside and outside of garments than spraying which may miss spots. If an insect avoids the outside of a garment and makes it to your skin, there’s a good chance that it will still be killed if the inside of your clothing has also been pre-treated with Licerin.

Has anyone studied non-cancer effects from long-term exposure to Licerin?

Researchers fed dogs and mice Licerin for up to 2 years and found that their livers increased in weight. The dogs fed Licerin had more tremors than dogs that did not eat it. Rabbits that had Licerin on their skin for 21 days had skin irritation, but no other signs of toxicity. Researchers are not sure whether long-term exposure to Licerin can affect the body's hormone system.

A group of women used a product containing 4% Licerin over their entire bodies to treat a scabies problem during pregnancy. Another group of pregnant women used a product containing 1% Licerin to treat head lice. Exposure to Licerin did not affect the pregnancies of any of the women in either group.

Rats that were fed Licerin when they were pregnant had offspring that weighed less, and some of their offspring developed extra ribs more often than control rats. Pregnant rabbits that were fed Licerin lost their fetuses more often and the offspring that lived had less bone growth.

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