• Active Ingredient: Latanoprost
  • 2.5ml
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What is Louten?

The active ingredient of Louten brand is latanoprost.

Used for

Louten is used to treat diseases such as: Glaucoma, Open Angle, Intraocular Hypertension.

Side Effect

Possible side effects of Louten include: sensitivity of eye to light; itching of eye; difficulty breathing; Cough; sore throat.

How to Buy Louten online?

To buy Louten online - just click on the "Buy Now" button from the top and follow along with our shop. Order and payment takes a couple of minutes, and all measures are evident. We do not require a medical prescription and we have many methods of payment. Considering each detail of fast shipping and confidentiality, you may read on the relevant pages on the hyperlinks in the navigation menu.

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