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  • Active Ingredient: Amlodipine
  • 10 mg, 5 mg, 2.5 mg
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What is Anlow?

The active ingredient of Anlow brand is amlodipine. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that dilates (widens) blood vessels and improves blood flow.

Used for

Anlow is used to treat diseases such as: Angina, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure, High Blood Pressure, Migraine Prevention, Raynaud's Syndrome.

Side Effect

Possible side effects of Anlow include: fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse; shortness of breath; yellow eyes or skin; dilated neck veins; feeling of warmth; difficulty with swallowing.

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References updated: 01 March 2016

1800 controls reported similar rate of ALT elevations with Anlow as with hydrochlorthiazine , and no serious liver toxicity).

50,000 liver transplants reported to UNOS between 1990 and 2002, 270 were done for drug induced acute liver failure, but none were attributed to a calcium channel blocker).

1.1 Hypertension

In different words, Norvasc vasodilative Anlow pill is indicated for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, to lower blood pressure level. Anlow besylate tablet Lowering pressure level, reduces the danger of fatal and nonfatal vessel events, primarily strokes and cardiac muscle infarctions. management of high pressure level ought to be a part of comprehensive vessel risk management, including, as acceptable, supermolecule management, polygenic disease management, antithrombotic medical care, smoking stop, exercise, and restricted metallic element intake. several patients would require quite one drug to attain pressure level goals. For specific recommendation on goals and management, see revealed pointers, like those of the National High nlood pressure level

As a results of the Education Program’s Joint National Committee on bar, Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High vital sign (JNC).Numerous medicinal drug medication, from a range of pharmacological categories and with completely different mechanisms of action, are shown in randomised controlled trials to cut back vas morbidity and mortality, and it may be over that it’s vital sign reduction and not another pharmacological property of the medication, that’s mostly accountable for those edges. vasodilative pill the biggest and most consistent vas outcome.


Chronic therapy with Anlow is associated with a low rate of serum enzyme elevations at rates that are similar to matched control populations. The enzyme elevations are usually mild, transient and asymptomatic and may resolve even during continued therapy. Clinically apparent liver injury from Anlow is rare and described only in isolated case reports. In the few idiosyncratic cases reported, the latency period to onset of liver injury was usually 4 to 12 weeks, but examples with prolonged latency have also been published (10 months and several years). The latency period is shorter with recurrence on reexposure, including several instances of recurrence after liver injury due to other calcium channel blockers. The pattern of serum enzyme elevations is usually mixed or cholestatic. Rash, fever and eosinophilia have not been described and autoantibodies are not typical.

Likelihood score: C (probable but rare cause of clinically apparent liver injury).

4. How and when to take it

Take Anlow exactly as your doctor has told you, and follow the directions on the label. If you're not sure, check with your doctor or pharmacist.

It's usual to take Anlow once a day. You can take Anlow at any time of day, but try to make sure it's around the same time every day.

Before taking Anlow,

  • tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to Anlow, any other medications, or any ingredients in Anlow tablets or suspension. Ask your pharmacist for a list of the ingredients.
  • tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products you are taking or plan to take. Be sure to mention any of the following: certain medications for seizures such as carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Equetro, Tegretol), phenytoin (Dilantin, Phenytek), and phenobarbital; clarithromycin (Biaxin, in Prevpac); cyclosporine (Gengraf, Neoral, Sandimmune); efavirenz (Sustiva); indinavir (Crixivan); itraconazole (Onmel, Sporanox); ketoconazole (Nizoral); lovastatin (Altoprev, in Advicor); nefazodone; nelfinavir (Viracept); nevirapine (Viramune); rifabutin (Mycobutin); rifampin (Rifadin, Rimactane, in Rifamate), ritonavir (Norvir, in Kaletra), simvastatin (Zocor, in Simcor, in Vytorin), and tacrolimus (Astragraf SL, Prograf). Your doctor may need to change the doses of your medications or monitor you carefully for side effects.
  • tell your doctor if you have or have ever had heart failure or heart or liver disease.
  • tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking Anlow, call your doctor.

Dosage for coronary artery disease and angina

Adult dosage (ages 18–64 years)

  • Typical starting dosage: 5 mg taken once per day.
  • Maximum dosage: 10 mg per day.

Child dosage (ages 0–17 years)

A child’s dosage is not available for this use.

Senior dosage (ages 65 years and older)

  • Typical dosage: 5 mg taken by mouth once per day.
  • Note: Older adults may process drugs more slowly. A normal adult dosage may cause levels of Anlow in your body to be higher than normal. If you’re a senior, you may need a lower dosage.

7. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Anlow is not normally recommended in pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

If you're trying to get pregnant or you're already pregnant, talk to your doctor about the benefits and possible harms of taking Anlow. There may be other medicines that are safer for you.

For more information about how Anlow can affect you and your baby during pregnancy, read this leaflet on the Best Use of Medicines in Pregnancy (BUMPS) website.

Q: I am on Norvasc (Anlow). Can this medication make you gain weight?

A: Weight gain is a rare side effect of Norvasc (amlopodine) occurring in less than 1 percent of people taking the drug. Because weight gain with Norvasc happens so infrequently, it is difficult to know whether the weight gain is caused by Norvasc or another factor. If you see a rapid increase in weight gain or fluid retention then contact you health care provider and let him know what you are noticing. A low-salt and low-fat diet may help with the weight gain. You may also find helpful information at: //

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How should I take Anlow?

Take Anlow exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Follow all directions on your prescription label. Your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make sure you get the best results. Do not use this medicine in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended.

You may take Anlow with or without food. Take the medicine at the same time each day.

Shake the Katerzia oral suspension (liquid) before you measure a dose. Use the dosing syringe provided, or use a medicine dose-measuring device (not a kitchen spoon).

Your blood pressure will need to be checked often.

Your chest pain may become worse when you first start taking Anlow or when your dose is increased. Call your doctor if your chest pain is severe or ongoing.

If you are being treated for high blood pressure, keep using Anlow even if you feel well. High blood pressure often has no symptoms. You may need to use blood pressure medicine for the rest of your life.

Your hypertension or heart condition may be treated with a combination of drugs. Use all medications as directed by your doctor. Read the medication guide or patient instructions provided with each medication. Do not change your doses or stop taking any of your medications without your doctor's advice. This is especially important if you also take nitroglycerin.

Anlow is only part of a complete program of treatment that may also include diet, exercise, weight control, and other medications. Follow your diet, medication, and exercise routines very closely.

Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light.

Medical Definition of Anlow

Note: Trademarks for preparations containing Anlow include Azor, Caduet, Exforge, Lotrel, Norvasc, and Tribenzor.

Is Anlow besylate (Norvasc) safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

  • Generally, Anlow is avoided in pregnancy, and by nursing mothers and children although there are no adequate studies of Anlow use during pregnancy.
  • It is not known whether Anlow is excreted in breast milk. Generally, Anlow is avoided in pregnancy, and by nursing mothers and children.

Mechanism of Injury

The mechanism of Anlow hepatotoxicity is not known, but liver injury is probably due to production of a toxic intermediate in its metabolism.

2. Key facts

  • Anlow lowers your blood pressure and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood around your body.
  • It's usual to take Anlow once a day. You can take it at any time of day, but try to make sure it's around the same time each day.
  • The most common side effects include headache, flushing, feeling tired and swollen ankles. These usually improve after a few days.
  • Anlow can be called Anlow besilate, Anlow maleate or Anlow mesilate. This is because the medicine contains another chemical to make it easier for your body to take up and use it. It doesn't matter what your Anlow is called. They all work as well as each other.
  • Anlow is also called by the brand names Istin and Amlostin.

Where can I get more information?

Your pharmacist can provide more information about Anlow.

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