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  • Active Ingredient: Amoxicillin
  • 500 mg, 250 mg
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What is Vaamox?

The active ingredient of Vaamox brand is amoxicillin. Amoxicillin is a penicillin antibiotic that fights bacteria. The Amoxicillin molecular formula is C16H19N3O5S•3H2O, and the molecular weight is 419.45. Capsules of Amoxicillin are intended for oral administration. Each capsule of Amoxicillin with blue cap and pink body, contains 250 mg or 500 mg Amoxicillin as the trihydrate. The body of the 250 mg capsule is imprinted with ‘A44’ in black ink. The body of the 500 mg capsule is imprinted with ‘A45’ in black ink. Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, D&C Red No. 28, FD&C Blue No. 1, FD&C Red No. 40, gelatin, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Meets USP Dissolution Test 2.

Used for

Vaamox is used to treat diseases such as: Actinomycosis, Anthrax Prophylaxis, Bacterial Endocarditis Prevention, Bacterial Infection, Bladder Infection, Bronchiectasis, Bronchitis, Chlamydia Infection, Cutaneous Bacillus anthracis, Dental Abscess, Helicobacter Pylori Infection, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Lyme Disease, Carditis, Lyme Disease, Erythema Chronicum Migrans, Lyme Disease, Neurologic, Otitis Media, Pneumonia, Sinusitis, Skin or Soft Tissue Infection, Spleen Removal, Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Urinary Tract Infection.

Side Effect

Possible side effects of Vaamox include: chills; itching; pain or burning while urinating; yellow eyes or skin; bleeding gums.

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Q: How do antibiotics (specifically Vaamox) affect glucose levels in a person with diabetes?

A: There are reports of increased blood glucose levels in patients taking Vaamox or related antibiotics. These reports are rare, however, and no scientific studies on this effect have been done. It's also possible for Vaamox to make your glucose testing results inaccurate. Discuss your concerns about Vaamox and your glucose levels with your doctor. Michelle McDermott, PharmD

Vaamox Warnings

It's important to know that once you start a course of Vaamox, you should finish the whole course.

Do not stop taking Vaamox, even if you feel better; instead, finish your entire prescription.

Not treating your infection completely can make it come back stronger. Stopping Vaamox too soon can also lead to bacteria that are resistant to it.

People refer to antibiotic-resistant bugs as multidrug resistant bacteria or "superbugs." Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat worldwide.

It's also important to understand that Vaamox may cause a severe reaction called anaphylaxis if you are allergic to it.

This reaction, which can be life-threatening, includes hives, swelling of your throat, and difficulty breathing.

Vaamox also can interfere with certain types of birth control pills. Women who are using birth control pills should talk to their doctor before taking Vaamox.

Elderly adults may need to take lower doses of Vaamox.

Always tell your doctor if you have allergies to any medications, especially to antibiotics.

Let your doctor know about all medications, vitamins, and supplements you are taking.

Using Vaamox can be risky if you have certain conditions, so let your doctor know if you have:

Q: What is the generic name for Vaamox, what is it prescribed for and what should I know about it?

A: Vaamox is the generic name of the brand-name medication, Amoxil. Vaamox is classified as a penicillin antibiotic. Vaamox is approved for the treatment of otitis media (ear infection), sinusitis, and other infections that are caused by certain bacteria. This can include infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, skin and urinary tract that are susceptible to the medication. The medication can also be used for prophylaxis of infective endocarditis in certain patients that are undergoing dental or surgical procedures. Vaamox can be used to treat H. pylori when used in combination with other medications. Like any medication, Vaamox has possible side effects, risks, and warnings associated with the medication. In the United States, Vaamox is only available by prescription. Therefore, only patients that have been prescribed the medication by a doctor should be taking the medication. Your doctor will provide the instructions on how to take it. The medication is dosed differently depending on what the medication is being used for. Your physician will also be able to determine if the medication is appropriate for you. The following is some general information about Vaamox. This is not a comprehensive list of all of the information about Vaamox. Any specific questions about Vaamox should be referred to your doctor. Vaamox is contraindicated in patients that have a hypersensitivity to Vaamox, penicillin, other beta-lactams or any component of the formulation. Under the warnings and precautions section it states that patients could have anaphylactoid or hypersensitivity reactions to Vaamox. Prolonged use of the antibiotic could result in a superinfection. Under disease related concerns it states that a high percentage of patients that have mononucleosis may develop a rash during therapy. Patients that have renal (kidney) impairment should use the medication with caution and the dosage may need to be adjusted. According to medical references, Vaamox can be taken with food. Moxatag, a specific formulation of Vaamox, should be taken within one hour of finishing a meal. Do not take any other medication or over the counter herb or supplement without consulting your physician. Patients need to take the entire prescription and should not stop early even if feeling better. The medication needs to be taken exactly as prescribed. The medication can be taken with food, milk, or juice. If you have any respiratory problems, rash, itching, hives, easy bruising or bleeding, persistent diarrhea, unusual sore throat, fever, chills, fatigue, thrush, discharge from the vagina, confusion, dizziness, agitation, insomnia, or other side effects consult with your physician immediately. If you feel that your condition does not improve, or worsens, consult with your physician. Consult with your physician about any specific questions you have regarding Vaamox. For more specific information, consult with your doctor or pharmacist for guidance based on your health status and current medications, particularly before taking any action. Jen Marsico, RPh

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Vaamox and Pregnancy

If you're a woman, let your doctor know if you are or may be pregnant, are breastfeeding, or using birth control pills.

Though Vaamox is widely believed to be safe, ask your doctor if the risks of taking antibiotics while pregnant outweigh the benefits.

Also, let your doctor know if you are breastfeeding because Vaamox can pass through breast milk and increase the risk for a later allergic reaction in babies.

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